We work with CEOs averaging $5-50 million in revenue who are determined to accelerate their growth rate, develop a high-performance management team, innovate and dominate their industries.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and that progress is slow, or that you’re working too hard and feeling that things may fall through the cracks if you are not on top of them; we understand, and we can help.


Animal Hospital

A n experienced business owner was struggling to improve sales in his 20 year Animal Hospital practice. Quest Advising was able to quickly asses his situation and define his goals. We implemented a strategy that helped him in all major areas from sales to marketing & communication.

Just one quarter after working with Quest their sales increased by 30%! While continuing to work with him in many areas,

we were able to reduce his marketing budget by 90%, while still delivering three times the number of transactions, as well as repositioning and training of employees among other things.
After a few short years, our client now has a streamline operation. He is focused on business development and growth and is completely out of the day to day operations.  Growth has been sustained and his practice is now a benchmark of good business practices.  This well-known animal hospital has now nearly doubled in revenue while maintaining profitability and significantly reduced marketing expenses.

Engineering Company

A  successful Engineering Company came to us with a few specific goals, first objective was to successfully onboard his son into the business.  Although he had many happy customers, his business was accumulating significant debt.  There was much disaccord among his employees which resulted in customers paying the price with delayed project response.  E&O Insurance was not feasible for them at the time.

It was clear that a “culture change” needed to occur.  Although Quest met some resistance at first, employees quickly began learning the new system, and those who refused were transitioned out of the business.
We then initiated a strategy that included reviewing different areas accounting, accounts receivables, services, pricing and bottom line priorities.
We were also able to assess the business owner’s skills and time management requirements and define a hiring strategy which included a business developer.  We created performance incentive structures, training programs, and installed new project management technology for the business.
As a result, the business has doubled in revenue with only 25% more team members, accounts receivables are consistently under 30 days, all debt has been paid and there is operating capital in excess of 3 months in savings.  On the horizon they are now looking at 50% growth and a stable exit strategy; and last but not least, an open spot for his son.

Advertising Company

A well known Advertising Business Owner with a team of four, felt the only way to be successful was to be in control of all aspects of his business to ensure profitability. Money was not an issue for him, but having time to be more involved in his community and with his family was top priority.

We focused on creating an easy to follow plan while clarifying an organizational culture with both marketing efforts and team management. Engaging team members to take on more responsibility was key, and we accomplished it. We instilled in them important fundamentals like regular team meetings, goal setting and review, accounting, and project management systems, etc.

We were able to define compensation packages and bonus structure for team members as well as prioritize the training required for continued improvement.

The results proved to be on the mark.  Not only does he now have time to spend with his family but he is involved with 5 non-profit and charity organizations!  Additionally, he has more time to secure key contacts resulting in more business.  Our strategic plans have also lead to increased productivity amongst his team leaders. This process of change has also triggered a desire to improve in other areas of his personal life and is now enjoying a healthy balanced lifestyle.