With more than 20 years of experience working as both an entrepreneur and consultant, and having helped Fortune 100 companies, Max bridges the gap between mid-market growth companies and the Fortune 500.  Clients benefit from his expertise in marketing, strategy, sales, leadership and culture building in consumer packaged goods companies as well as startup through sales entrepreneurship experience.

A strategic business consultant, coach and leadership team enabler, Max specializes in supporting innovative or innovation-seeking companies that are, or will be, transitioning to a fast growth environment.

About Us

With a focus on strategic thinking, planning and execution he helps create high performance, highly proactive and talented execution teams, with a focus on leadership, strategy, culture and people. CEOs that hire Max are thoughtful, caring, people-focused individuals who want to accelerate the rate of innovation and growth in their organization.

Max’s clients know that there is a lot on the line for all stake-holders including employees and clients. They demand growth and improvement and want to capitalize on every opportunity to make their organization better.

A technology enthusiast, he is innovation driven and loves anything that makes life better, more convenient and frees up time to allow people to pursue their passion, giving them more opportunities to help make their communities better.  He and his wife, Sandra, have three children. Max loves golf and helping people.