Becoming Scalable

What Is it?

Becoming Scalable is a business growth program designed to help install fundamental tools, habits, and practices into your business. The program combines the development and implementation of key systems, processes, and programs with live and peer coaching to ensure proper execution.



Who Is It For?

This program is designed for business owners who:

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This program is designed to ensure that you are ready to manage growth. Too many businesses grow without the fundamentals in place, ending up with costly and damaging experiences. This program will ensure that you can always see the road ahead, know how to navigate different business environments, and have the tools and network needed to sustain long-term growth.


What outcomes can you expect?

The long-term implications of this program are immeasurable. With a team of A-players, focused on the task at hand and with a clear vision of the future, what can you achieve?

What could you achieve with a powerful marketing plan, critical information, a supporting team, network, and resources? Some outcomes are emotional and some are easily quantifiable. You can measure confidence and certainty that your business is headed in the right direction and that you are in control. On the other hand, our clients consistently grow above 30% year over year, and 2-3x revenue in 2-3 years is common. Increased profitability by 10-50% above the industry standard will be our goal. You will also be able to measure the increased value of your business, profit, and revenue. If we do things right, we will also be able to measure the impact on your team and in the community!

How does the program work?

The program is a combination of live events, online/self-paced learning, coaching support, and peer help and accountability. The program is designed to include your key team members, as they will walk side by side with you in this experience. The live events are where you will meet other like-minded owners and their teams. This is also where you will define your long-term goals and develop your short-term execution plans.

Online training will be recorded live, interactive, and you will have a chance to get your questions answered. If you miss the live event, the training will be available for you anytime you need it. Peer help and support will be structured and organized for you.

You will be part of a group of caring and supportive team members. It is in the group where you will iron out some of your questions and take execution to the next level. People in this group are also looking for increased accountability and love the idea of helping each other.

The program will be delivered by Max Kozlovsky, an experienced entrepreneur with experience in accelerating growth for both small and mid market businesses. He has been coaching business owners for 14 years and uses a combination of personal and business growth frameworks to deliver extraordinary outcomes.  There will also be guest coaches and speakers to present perspectives from their particular experiences and expertise. 

Program Details

Day 1
In Person Kickoff - Full Day

Program Overview
Mindset for Success
Personal Purpose and Alignment MTP, BHAG and 3 HAG
3HAG Goals12 Month goals
3 Month Goals
Year Priorities
Qtr Priorities
Individual Priori

Week 2-3
Project Management
Week 4-5
Team Evaluation, Review and Alignment
Week 6
Hiring Strategy and Process Overview
Week 7-8
Job Posting and Storyline
Week 10-11
Interviewing and Selection
Week 12
Week 13
In Person Quarterly Meeting

Review and education

3 Month Goals

Year Priorities

Qtr Priorities

Individual Priorities

Week 14-15
Core Customer
Week 16
Value Proposition Creation
Week 17
In Person Meeting
Week 18-19
Marketing Activity Definition
Week 20-21
Marketing Plan
Week 22
P&L Review and Cleanup
Week 23
In Person Meeting
Week 24-25
Budget and Forecast Draft
Week 26
Widget Based Forecasting

What Others Are Saying

The program will be delivered and implemented over 6 months

This is a difficult question to answer.  It will depend on your current level of implementation and what level of expertise you want to develop.  You could expect someone on your team to invest 1-2 hours per week.

Our program adapts to the level of your implementation. Our modules have 4 Levels of expertise to ensure that we always move you to a higher level. (101, Advanced, Mastery, Disruption)

Yes, No and Yes.  If you don’t believe the kickoff meeting was the best planning session you have ever participated in, you can cancel your participate and only pay whatever it was worth for you.  There are no refunds on previous monthly payments, but if you need to cancel for any reason there are no cost and it will be effective immediately. 

We have a follow up program to continue to implement the tools.  You will have an option to graduate to the next level program, or to cycle through the program one more time.

Max Kozlovsky

A strategic business consultant, coach and leadership team enabler, Max specializes in supporting innovative or innovation-seeking companies that are, or will be, transitioning to a fast growth environment.

With more than 20 years of experience working as both an entrepreneur and consultant, and having helped Fortune 100 companies, Max bridges the gap between mid-market growth companies and the Fortune 500.  Clients benefit from his expertise in marketing, strategy, sales, leadership and culture building in consumer packaged goods companies as well as startup through sales entrepreneurship experience.